Studying and working in a startup began to require me to extend my workday over 8 hours. Then over 10 hours, 12 hours and so on. It was easy for me to stay overtime and pull an all-nighter every few days. Obviously, such a regimen began to bring results in the form of health problems. However, the biggest surprise was the inability to break such a mode. So I tried to give myself some feedback. I installed an app called aTimeLogger and tracked every single activity that I done including sleep. After a year, in addition to constantly monitoring the time in the application, I decided to evaluate the progress. After a year I got overall better at sleeping and managed to sleep 1,5 h longer on average.

Lessons learned. Don’t try to work so hard. Work and studies is important but not at the cost of sleep. If I could meet my younger self I would say that reducing sleep is like gaining weight. There is no easy way back. Sleep schedule plot