I was lucky and came into possession of an x-ray tube for spot images. I also managed to purchase x-ray cassettes with an intensifying film that glows with visible light when excited by x-rays. Below are the first photos I managed to take and a photo of the setup.

ESP32 dev board Stepper motor driver Smartphone
X-ray photo - ESP32 dev board X-ray photo - Stepper motor driver X-ray photo - Smartphone

And this is the crude setup for taking the pictures. I plan to make a device for simultaneously triggering the x-ray tube and camera. Right now I have to take a long exposure (~5 sec) walk out of the room and trigger the tube.

X-ray photo - setup

After that I plan to add a rotating table and trigger everything with a microcontroller to create a DIY CT machine. Additional a redirecting mirror would be nice so correction of the photo perspective and focusing won’t be necessary.